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Moringa Powder 40g

Shavuot Moringa Powder 40g – One (1) bag.

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Shavuot Cerasee Tea

Shavuot Cerasee – One (1) Box of 24 Teabags or One (1) Case of 24 boxes. Caffeine free!

Shavout Lemongrass tea bags
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Shavuot Lemon Grass Tea

Shavuot Lemon Grass Tea bags | 20 Sachets

Shavuot Turmeric Tea bags
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Shavuot Turmeric Tea Bags

Shavuot Turmeric Tea Bags | 20 tea bag pack | This Turmeric Tea has the same standards of quality and taste you have grown to know and expect from Shavuot. Our Turmeric Tea is made from pure Jamaican Turmeric, harvested on site to ensure freshness and quality of taste. Turmeric, which is regarded as a super-food, is well-known for its antioxidant properties than has been know to help fight inflammation, boost brain function and improve an individual’s mood.